Which eSIM Works Best?

Country by country guide to eSIMs sold on Mobimatter eSIM store. Performance can vary by country this is how you will make an informed decision.

Which eSIM Works Best?
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Country by country guide to eSIMs sold on Mobimatter eSIM store

Purpose and Methodology - Read this first!

Mobimatter is a marketplace selling products of different telecom operators, which are totally independent from each other. Their performance and value proposition can vary significantly by country, and this guide is intended to help you make a better informed decision for according to your needs.

In this page, we offer you our expert opinion based on the experience we have accumulated over the years. We take into account value for money, the feedback we receive from our customers, ratios of complaints received at our support center, and other industry-specific technical factors, to synthesize an opinion that is easy to understand and useful to you.

This page will be frequently updated to reflect the latest developments, such as performance improvement or degradations, as well as new and discontinued products in our portfolio.

LEGAL: This guide is a collection of subjective and personal opinions. Mobimatter has not conducted a formal performance comparison and makes no claims or guarantees regarding the accuracy and justifiability of the opinions expressed herein.


(Updated: 19 July 2022)

GlobaleSIM and 3HK both work very well in Albania. Both providers connect to Vodafone network. Choose the Albania eSIM package that suits you best here.

The ruins of the castle on the Cap of Rodon.
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(Updated: 19 April 2022)

GlobaleSIM works well in Algeria and, and has a good variety of eSIM offers. You can choose one here.

Tassili du Hoggar - Algerian Sahara -
photo made by rouichi / switzerland
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Asia (South-East)

(Updated: 12 April 2022)

You can check for individual country recommendations, but as a general advice, choose an local/regional Asian operator for a good and reliable connection in Asia. 3HK, TraveleSIM, AIS all offer great value packages that cover the region and also happen to have the best quality service. See the eSIM offers for Asia here.

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(Updated: 23 March 2022)

All the operators on our store offer good performance in Australia. Some connect to Vodafone, others to Optus, and some can work on either of the two. Choose based on your data and validity needs. 3HK is our recommended choice because of the excellent value for money it offers. See the wide range of eSIMs we have for Australia here.

Morning Opera
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(Updated: 19 July 2022)

As for the rest of the EU, O2 and Ubigi are our recommended options for Austria. Choose the eSIM package that suits you best here.

Quaint mountain village over a lake
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(Updated: 23 March 2022)

AIS Sim2Fly Global package offers good quality 4G LTE connection in Azerbaijan and is our preferred choice. GlobaleSIM also works, but in Azerbaijan the connection is 3G only, therefore limited in speed. See the eSIM offers for Azerbaijan here.

Baku Cityscape with Flame Towers
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(Updated 23 March 2022)

AIS Sim2Fly is our preferred choice for Bahrain. If you have a Global package from 3HK, it will also work there, but it is not recommended to buy it for Bahrain only, since its connection in Bahrain is 3G only, therefore limited in speed. See the eSIM offers for Bahrain here.

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(Updated 02 April 2022)

In Brazil both Flexiroam and AIS offer good performance. Both connect to Vivo network. Choose from the eSIM data packages working in Brazil here

Wildest sunset ever
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(Updated: 12 April 2022)

3HK works very well in Cambodia, and offers great value, too. AIS SIM2Fly is a good option, too. See the eSIM ooffers working in Cambodia here.

This was our favorite temple at Angkor Wat.  We went here during our first day visiting the temples and the second day we decided to return at sun up.  We were the only people in the temple for about an hour that morning.  It allowed us to explore and experience the temple without the scores of tourists like the day before.  Definitely the best way to experience this temple.
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(Updated: 23 March 2022)

The winner in Canada is GlobaleSIM, being able to connect to Bell, Telus, and Rogers networks, thereby offering best coverage in this vast country.
If you know that Rogers network has good coverage in the area you will be in, you can also choose 3HK and take advantage of their excellent value for money offers. See the eSIM packages working in Canada here.

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Caribbean - Barbados, Jamaica...

(Updated: 2 April 2022)

Ubigi and GlobaleSIM both work in Caribbean, with Ubigi offering more affordable smaller packages. You can find the available offers here and search for the particular destination you are planning to visit.

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(Updated: 22 March 2022)

For China, 3HK is the undisputable winner, offering great performance and fantastic value for money. Choose one of their eSIM offers here and look no further.

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Costa Rica

(Updated: 02 April 2022)

In Costa Rica both Flexiroam and AIS offer good performance. Both connect to Movistar network. Choose from the eSIM data packages working in Costa Rica here

Drake Bay Kayak
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Czech Republic

(Updated: 27 May 2022)

O2 is the local Czech operator. Comes with local number and minutes, and is by far the best eSIM option. Also works in other EU countries too, if you will be expanding your trip. That being said, there are plenty of other options too, and all work well in Czech republic. Choose one here.

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Dominican Republic

(Updated: 02 April 2022)

There aren't many eSIM options for Dominican Republic, but luckily GlobaleSIM offers a good selection of eSIM packages that offer good performance. Check out the eSIM deals for Dominican Republic here

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Europe - EU Countries

(Updated:  27 May 2022)

EU countries are very popular travel destinations and there are many, many eSIM options from almost all operators you can use there. In our opinion, three stand out: O2, eSIMGo and Ubigi:

  • O2 is a major Czech operator, that also covers EU countries as part of the EU regulations. They offer excellent value, and reliable performance. You also get some voice calling minutes, just in case you need them.
  • eSIMGo are eSIM specialists that sell high-quality connections in the EU. They offer an excellent value and quality - do check them out!
  • Ubigi, on the other hand, has a very well optimized data network, and often gives better data performance than even the local networks in Europe they connect to. Their Europe eSIM packages and are very competitively priced, too, especially when it comes to single-country packages for France, Spain, Italy, and others. They have recently added more network partners in major European countries, so you won't have to worry about coverage, either.

Discover the wide range of eSIMs working in Europe here, and search for a specific country or countries for more relevant results.

Flag of the European Union in front of the EU-Parliament in Brussels, Belgium
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Europe - Non-EU Countries

(Updated: 27 May 2022)

For non-EU countries like Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, and others, GlobaleSIM and 3HK are our recommended choices. Their packages usually work across the continent, making it convenient choice also if you are visiting both EU and non-EU destinations in a single trip.
Find the wide range of eSIMs working in Europe here, and search for a specific country or countries for more relevant results.

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(Updated: 23 March 2022)

In Egypt, both Flexiroam and AIS perform very well. Flexiroam has a variety of packages and better value for money, so it is our recommended option. Find the available packages for Egypt here

Great Pyramid of Giza, Khufu and Cheops - El Giza, Cairo, Egypt
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(Updated: 2 April 2022)

Most eSIM operators will give you good performance in France, but if you want the best, go for Ubigi. Their data plans are very reasonably priced, too. Check the eSIM packages to use in France here.

Notre Dame gargoyle sunrise.
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(Updated: 11 August 2022)

GlobaleSIM is good option for Georgia, and they have large variety of offers and connect to Beeline network. Choose the Georgia eSIM package that suits you best here.

Trinity Gergeti Church, Kazbegi, Georgia
This is my favorite photo. If you want to share it on Instagram, I would appreciate if you mention my account @imangm
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(Updated: 19 July 2022)

As for the rest of the EU, O2 and Ubigi are our recommended options for Germany. GlobaleSIM and 3HK also work well. if you already have an eSIM from either of these two operators, you can use with confidence. Choose the Germany eSIM package that suits you best here.

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Hong Kong

(Uodated: 5 April 2022)

In Hong Kong, go local with our partner 3 Hong Kong. You get copious data and voice calling minutes, all at very reasonable price, and top quality local data connection. Moreover, you can use this eSIM in your future travels by easily topping it up with a roaming package of your choice. Highly recommended.
See the offers we have for Hong Kong here.

Crowded Hong Kong
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(Updated: 27 May 2022)

Flexiroam is our recommended eSIM choice for India, balancing reliable performance with value for money. It connects to Jio network and offers 4G speeds. Discover the eSIM offers for India here

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(Updated: 12 April 2022)

For Indonesia, TraveleSIM is our recommended option, because it connects to Telkomsel network, which has the by far the best coverage. If your stay will be mostly within popular Java and Bali islands, the 3 (Tri) network is likely to be available, so 3HK can also be a good choice. Check out the eSIM offers we have for Indonesia here

This was a temple in Bali well known for the sunset’s it can produce and trust me I was not the only person snapping this moment on their camera, If anything I wish I could go back to the location and try again but I tried multiple angle’s before getting this shot which I believe to be the best of my capabilities.
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(Updated: 2 April 2022)

All the operators in our store offer good quality performance in Israel. GlobaleSIM, 3HK, AIS,... choose a package that suits your needs and buy with confidence here.

A view over the Bahá'í gardens and the Shrine of the Báb in Haifa, Israel
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(Updated: 19 April 2022)

For Italy, as for the rest of the EU, Ubigi is our recommended choice. They connect to TIM and Wind networks, so you don't have to worry about coverage. GlobaleSIM is another good choice, and can connect to all three main networks in Italy - TIM, Vodafone, and Wind. Find the eSIM packages for Italy here.

The Vatican City at the Heart of Rome
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(Updated: 17 April 2022)

3HK connects to the best network in Kuwait, and works well, so it is our recommended choice. The alternative is AIS SIM2FLy, which also works, though not as well. Explore the eSIM offers we have for Kuwait here.

Kuwait City in cloudy day.
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Latin America - Argentina, Colombia, Chile...

(Updated: 11 August 2022)

Flexiroam offers good value for money in Latin America, and is our recommended option. Explore their packages here.

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(Updated: 19 July 2022)

Local MVNO IIJ offers the best performance, with the advantage of being a true domestic operator.
Asian operators like 3HK and AIS also perform very well, so if you already have a package from them that works in Japan, you can use it with confidence. Check out the eSIM offers for Japan here.

Famous Fuji
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(Updated: 5 April 2022)

AIS and GlobaleSIM both are good options for Jordan. AIS connects to Zain and GlobaleSIM connects to Orange, and both networks have good coverage across the country. See the eSIM offers we have for Jordan here.

Both Lost- we found each other.
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(Updated: 19 April 2022)

Ooredoo is a local network in Maldives and offers an excellent tourist eSIM with plenty of data and minutes. Check it out here.

Blue vibes
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(Updated: 27 May 2022)

Mexico is tricky, especially for seaside vacation travelers, because even the well know national networks may not have coverage in areas popular with tourists. It is always worth to check before buying, or postponing your buying decision until you reach your destinations and see which networks are available where you are. Flexiroam connects to Movistar, while 3HK connects to AT&T network. Choose between these two accordingly. Explore the eSIMs that work in Mexico here.
On top of that, eSIMGo offer both 3GB and 5GB packages that work in Mexico, US among other destinations, with a great quality.

Se hizo en 2016 foto conceptual, llevo desde el 2014 creando catrinas, ya sea por encargo, personal y en colaboración, amo todo lo que tenga que ver con catrinas.  Amo las trdiciones de México multicolor muerte y vida.
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(Updated: 11 August 2022)

O2 and Ubigi are our recommended choices for Norway. Explore their eSIM offers here.

Amazing light display from Mother Nature, very humbled and in awe to capture a multi-hued color Aurora at Tromso, Norway.
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(Updated: 23 march 2022)

There isn't much eSIM choice when it comes to Oman, but AIS Sim2Fly works well in Oman, you can buy with confidence. See the eSIM offers for Oman here.

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(Updated: 19 July 2022)

Ubigi and O2 are our recommended options for Poland. Both will offer excellent quality, low latency performance. See the eSIM offers we have for Poland here.

In miniature city people become ants
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(Updated: 5 April 2022)

AIS SIM2Fly eSIMs work well in Qatar, connecting to the incumbent Ooredoo network. Flexiroam is another good option, but works on Vodafone network, which can be weaker outside the populated areas. See the eSIM offers we have for Qatar here.

Skyline of Doha, Qatar during blue hour
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(Updated: 21 April 2022)

GlobaleSIM (connects to A1/VIP network) and 3HK (connects to Telenor network) both work well in Serbia. You can choose the eSIM data package based on your needs here.

Serbian Orthodox monastery of Gradac (13th century), Serbia
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(Updated: 12 April 2022)

For Singapore go with one of our Asian eSIMs providers, 3HK, TraveleSIM, or AIS. All work great, connecting to either Starhub or Singtel, and there are a plenty of packages to choose from. See our eSIM offers for Singapore here.

Lights shone on the Merlion as it overlooks Singapore's iconic Marina Bay Sands. During the Formula 1 Grand Prix night race, lights were projected onto the Merlion and the 'boat' of Marina Bay Sands.
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South Africa

(Updated: 2 April 2022)

GlobaleSIM and 3HK work well in South Africa. They both connect to Vodacom network, and both offer very good value for money. Choose a package you like offered by one of these two operators. Explore the eSIM offers for South Africa here.

Sunset tree in Kenya Safari, Africa
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South Korea

(Updated: 13 May 2022)

South Korea mobile networks are very good in general, and among them SK Telecom network is considered the best. TraveleSIM, Ubigi and AIS connect to SK network. 3HK offers the best value, and works on KT (Olleh) network - which is also good and has tens of millions customers. GlobaleSIM is also an option, but its performance may not be as reliable as the ones listed above. Explore the wide selection of eSIM packages we have for South Korea here.

nights of rage
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(Updated: 2 April 2022)

There is a wide choice of offers for Spain which work well. If you have network preference, 3HK connects to Movistar (Telefonica), Ubigi connects to Orange, and GlobaleSIM works best on Vodafone. Explore the eSIM plans for Spain here.

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(Updated: 11 August 2022)

Ubigi, GlobaleSIM (both connect to Salt network) and 3HK (connects to Swisscom) all work very well in Switzerland. You can explore the eSIM pacakges for Switzerland here.

Wonderful spring in the Alps
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(Updated: 17 April 2022)

3HK is our recommended choice for use in Taiwan, although if you need smaller data packages or shorter validity, you can also choose from TraveleSIM, AIS, Simtex, or GlobaleSIM - all work well and will give you reliable performance. See the offers we have for Taiwan here.

Photo by Kaizer Bienes / Unsplash

Tanzania - Zanzibar

(Updated: 2 April 2022)

Like for South Africa, GlobaleSIM and 3HK work well in Tanzania. They both connect to Vodacom network, and both offer very good value for money. Choose a package you like offered by one of these two operators. Explore the eSIM offers for Tanzania here.

Roof Of Africa
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(Updated: 22 March 2022)

For visitors to Thailand, no eSIM comes close to the Happy Tourist eSIM from local operator dtac. Large data and calls allowance, perfect local network connectivity, and unbelievably low price.
Other operators' roaming offers that cover Thailand also perform very well, so if you already have a package from them that works in Thailand, you can use it with confidence. Check out our offers for Thailand here.

We hiked to the viewpoint at sunrise on Phi Phi Island to catch this marvelous dream of a sight.
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(Updated: 23 March 2022)

A wide range of packages are available for Turkey, and both GlobaleSIM and Flexiroam have very good performance.
3HK also works well in Turkey, and while GlobaleSIM and Flexiroam are better choice for Turkey-focused purchase, if you happen to have a Global package from 3HK, you can use it in Turkey with confidence. See all the available eSIM packages for Turkey here.

Hot air ballooning
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United Arab Emirates - Dubai, Abu Dhabi

(Updated: 11 August 2022)

For use in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other Emirates of the UAE, all operators in our store offer excellent performance, you can confidently choose any of them. Some connect to Etisalat network, others connect to Du. Both of these networks comfortably cover pretty much everywhere you are likely to visit. Choose the eSIM plan to use during your visit to UAE here

Sunrise shot of Downtown Dubai and Burj Khalifa.
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United Kingdom

(Updated: 23 March 2022)

Ubigi offers excellent quality connection in UK and connects to the EE network. 3HK gives you the best value, and works well, but it only connects to 3 UK network, and the coverage may be spotty. GlobaleSIM has solid performance and offers the best coverage, being able to connect to either Vodafone, O2 or 3 networks.
You can make your choice among these three providers based on the information above. If you are not sure, go with Ubigi.
Find the wide range of eSIMs working in UK here.

Parliament and Big Ben
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United States

(Updated: 19 July 2022)

For USA, 3HK and GlobaleSIM (can connect to both AT&T and T-Mobile networks), and Simtex (connects to AT&T network only), all offer very good performance. You can choose among them according to your network preference and based on the data packages that suit your needs. Click here to explore the wide range of eSIMs for USA.

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(Updated: 12 April 2022)

TraveleSIM and AIS Sim2Fly are the best options for Vietnam, connecting to Mobifone or Viettel, or both. 3HK is good too, but connects to a lesser network there. Seethe eSIM options we have for Vietnam here.

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