Buy eSIM with Crypto on MobiMatter

Buy an eSIM from MobiMatter with Crypto, Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT(Tether) & USD coin(USDC).

Buy eSIM with Crypto on MobiMatter

In an exciting development for digital nomads, travelers, and tech enthusiasts alike, MobiMatter, your trusted eSIM marketplace, is thrilled to announce the integration of cryptocurrency payments into our platform. 

Yes! You now have the option to buy an eSIM package from MobiMatter with cryptocurrency, in addition to traditional payment methods. From Bitcoin to Ethereum, USDT(Tether) and USD coin(USDC), we accept all major cryptocurrencies. 

You also have the option of simply using your Binance Pay wallet to make the payment. Binance Pay offers unparalleled ease and flexibility, allowing users to effortlessly make payments with just a few taps, streamlining transactions in the dynamic world of digital commerce

As the world leans more into the digital age, embracing the convenience and security of blockchain technology, we're making it easier for you to stay connected, no matter where your adventures take you.

Why Cryptocurrency and Travel are a Perfect Match

  1. From eSIM to digital wallets, travel and crypto industry, both share a love for digital innovations. MobiMatter is future forward, embracing these advancements to redefine connectivity and payment convenience for travelers worldwide. We like to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to providing travel connectivity
  2. Many times, cryptocurrencies come with lower transaction fees compared to traditional bank fees and foreign exchange charges. That’s because cryptocurrencies are not tied to any specific banking system or country and so travelers can use them anywhere in the world while saving money.
  3. Convenience is most important for travelers. They should have the flexibility to make payments that suit them better. The instantaneous nature of crypto payments further adds up to to the convenience factor when buying eSIM using cryptocurrency like bitcoin or USDT.
  4. Global Acceptance: Unlike traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies are accepted worldwide, eliminating the hassle of currency exchanges and the fees associated with them and any restrictions by the banks to not use credit cards for online or international transactions.
  5. Empowerment and Control: Travelers can manage their funds directly through secure digital wallets, giving them more control over their finances without relying on banks or physical money.

How to Pay with Crypto on MobiMatter

Here’s a step-by-step guide to making your purchase with crypto on MobiMatter:

  1. Select your eSIM - Browse through our extensive selection of eSIM packages and choose the one that best fits your travel needs.
  1. Add to Cart - Once you’ve selected the package of your choice, click on ‘Buy now’ and verify your package details. Once done, proceed to checkout. We’ve chose the Turkey Premium 10 GB as an example.
  2. Select a payment method - At checkout you’ll find the option to ‘Pay with Crypto’. Select this option. 
  1. Choose your crypto - Once you select ‘Pay with Crypto’ you will be presented with these cryptocurrency options - Bitcoin, USDC, Tether(USDT), Ethereum, or Binance Pay.
  1. Complete the Transaction: You'll be provided with a QR code and a wallet address. Use your crypto wallet to scan the QR code or send the exact amount to the provided address from your wallet. Just make sure that the address & amount is copied and pasted into your wallet as an exact figure to send, as any discrepancy will result is transaction not going through.

Once the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, your purchase will go through and you can proceed to install your eSIM. See the steps here. Pro Tip - Label your eSIMs correctly in order to avoid any confusion. See the steps here

Crypto payments are gaining momentum 

Crypto payments are getting popular across various regions globally, signaling a promising shift for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. From e-commerce companies like Shopify to tech companies like Microsoft to even F&B companies like Burger King, so many major players welcome crypto payments. (source)

This uptrend not only showcases the growing acceptance and integration of digital currencies in mainstream commerce but also enhances the usability and liquidity of cryptocurrencies, offering users more opportunities to transact directly with their digital assets. Such advancements underscore the potential of cryptocurrencies to revolutionize financial transactions, making it an exciting time for the crypto community.

In summary, the synergy between cryptocurrency and travel lies in their shared ability to offer freedom, convenience, and security in a global context, making them perfectly suited to meet the needs of modern travelers. So, welcome to the future of travel connectivity, where your next adventure is just a crypto transaction away.