Going To Paris? Check Out These Hidden Gems in France

Check Out These Hidden Gems in France by MobiMatter | We keep you connected on your next trip to France

Going To Paris? Check Out These Hidden Gems in France
Eiffer Tower in Paris, France - Stay Connected with eSIM France from MobiMatter

France, the City of Lights, is on many of our lists of must-visit countries, but most of us never explore it beyond Paris! 

Granted, while Paris has its iconic Eiffel Tower, Marseille has the famous harbors and Cannes is the World Capital of Cinema, there’s an entire country waiting to be discovered by you! 

The true enchantment often lies in the small towns and villages of France. Let us take you through the top 3 hidden gems of France, let’s also talk about the best way you can stay connected seamlessly across borders with the convenience of eSim from MobiMatter! 

3 Hidden Gems in France

  1. Normandy -Maybe it wasn’t on your list to visit but you’ve by now, definitely heard of Normandy courtesy the famous Netflix show, Emily in Paris. There are 3 places here that are straight out of a fairytale. 

Étretat has an awe-inspiring landscape with white chalk cliffs along a rugged coastline of the Atlantic The beaches here are unique as they have pebbles and stones on them and you can have your private beach for a couple of hours if you have a paddle or boat. 

Then there’s the island of Mont Saint-Michel, which has a lovely medieval look with its cobblestone stress and gothic architecture. It is often called one of Europe’s most unforgettable sights.

Then there’s the iconic Monet’s Garden which are the preserved gardens of impressionist painter Claude Monet that many argue are amongst Monet’s masterpieces.

  1. Menton, Cote d’Azur - pronounced as Kott-da-zou, and known as the ‘Pearl of France’, this town is famous for its lemon festival, Fête du Citron, where elaborate citrus sculptures fill the streets, celebrating Menton’s rich harvest with vibrant parades and displays. Beyond the festivities, visitors can explore the serene Jean Cocteau Museum, stroll through the exotic botanical gardens, or relax on the pebbled beaches, making Menton an idyllic retreat on the Côte d'Azur, where the alpine peaks meet the azure sea.

While visiting this amazing country, its important to navigate your journey with ease and not find yourself caught in situations where language barriers become a challenge. You don’t want to be lost in translation or be reliant just on the kindness of strangers. So please ensure that you travel with a fully charged phone, carry a power bank for your phone and equip your phone with an  eSim for seamless connectivity. 

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  1. Briançon, Huates-Alpes - This is the loftiest city in France with historical walls and structures that fall under the UNESCO World Heritage status. Other than the historical richness, Briançon also is a prime destination for skiing and other winter sports around its Serre Chevalier ski area.

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So there you go! If you’re planning a proper visit across France which goes beyond Paris, then add Normandy, Côte d’Azur and Briançon to your list without fail. 

But in case you have already booked your tickets for Paris, fear not, for we have 3 hidden gems in Paris for you to explore too! 

When you think of Paris, what comes to the mind? Cafe, museums, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and fashion, right? Here’s a little more:

  1. Jardin des Plantes

The path less taken will bring you to this beautiful botanical garden that makes for one of Paris’s most stunning locations. From waterfalls to art exhibitions, this garden is situated around the scenic riverside of Seine and away from the bustling city noise.

  1. Saint-Chappelle 

While most tourists crowd Notre Dame Cathedral, not many visit Saint-Chappelle which is just an 8 minute walk away! This former royal chapel is renowned for its breathtaking beauty. 

  1. Jardin d’Acclimatation

This amusement park will make you skip Disneyland Paris! 

This 19-hectare park is located in northwest Paris and has a very affordable entry fee for kids and adults. Incorporating a trip to the nearby Foundation Louis Vuitton into a well-organized day could enhance your experience with its exhibitions, cafes, concerts, and panoramic views.

Wow! You have a lot of France left to explore! Looks like you need a big trip and a large data plan to make your stay in France seamless and satisfying. Check out our France 50 GB eSIM plan where you can enjoy 4G speed throughout your trip! 

So, pack your bags and visit France! Bon voyage!