MobiMatter Goes Multilingual : eSIM App and Website now available in many global languages

MobiMatter eSIM App available in Spanish, Arabic, Turkish & more languages

MobiMatter Goes Multilingual : eSIM App and Website now available in many global languages

Being able to connect in your native language with Digital Apps adds a lot of convenience to a user journey, and this is what we at MobiMatter, a leading eSIM marketplace, recognize this and have introduced our Website and App in multiple languages to enhance our global reach and accessibility.

MobiMatter recently launched a multilingual support feature, where users can now access their app and website in languages besides English. Let’s take a look! 

Arabic: Unlocking Connectivity in the Arab World

The Arabic language is spoken by over 400 million people across the world, making it one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. By introducing Arabic version of eSIM Website and eSIM App, MobiMatter is breaking down communication barriers and ensuring that individuals from this culturally rich region can seamlessly access our eSIM services.

From Arab travelers attending conferences across the world to backpackers exploring the ancient wonders of Egypt, our Arabic interface will provide a familiar and intuitive experience, enabling users to navigate our platform effortlessly. This initiative not only fosters inclusivity but also opens up new opportunities for cultural exchange and understanding.

So Habibi, if you’re tempted to visit this side of the world, check out the Saudi and UAE 10 GB eSIM, which is valid for 90 Days for only $ 25.99, and stay connected as you explore different countries, from the modernization of UAE to the Al Ula valley in Saudi Arabia. 

Turkish: Connecting the Crossroads of Civilizations

Türkiye, a captivating nation straddling two continents, is known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and rapidly growing economy. With the addition of Turkish language Website & App, MobiMatter is further extending its reach to this dynamic country, where travelers and business professionals alike can now enjoy a localized experience when traveling abroad.

Whether you're exploring the bustling streets of Barcelona, marveling at the scenic beauty of Switzerland, or attending a corporate event in London, our Turkish interface will ensure that staying connected is a seamless and intuitive process.

If all that travel talk has got you longing for a trip to magical Istanbul, then don’t forget to check out our Turkey Premium 15 GB eSIM package. 

Russian: Unlocking Connectivity in the Vast Expanse

With a vast landmass spanning 11 time zones and a population of over 250 million people, Russia presents a unique challenge when it comes to connectivity. By introducing Russian language, MobiMatter is bridging the gap and empowering travelers and locals alike to stay connected on their travel adventures from this vast and nation.

Our Russia Belarus 10 GB eSIM package not only caters to the needs of Russian-speaking individuals but also fosters cultural exchange and understanding, as more people can now stay connected at ease in their local language interface, to take one more hassle away when traveling. 

Spanish: Embracing the Vibrant Latino Culture

Hablas espanol? With more than 450 million speakers, Spanish is one of the top 5 spoken languages globally. By launching Spanish language, MobiMatter is embracing the vibrant Latino culture and opening up new avenues for connectivity across for the Americas, Europe, and beyond. 

From the colorful streets of Mexico City to the stunning beaches of Barcelona, our Spanish speakers will cherish the interface which provides a seamless and familiar experience staying connected when traveling. This initiative not only showcases our commitment to inclusivity but also reinforces our dedication to serving the diverse needs of the global community.

Just like out Spanish-speaking users who are spread across continents, if you’re traveling to Spanish speaking countries, check out our Global 13 GB eSIM package that will keep you connected no matter where you go. 

Hebrew: Bridging Cultures in the Crossroads of Continents

As a language steeped in rich cultural and religious significance, Hebrew holds a special place in the hearts of millions worldwide. By introducing Hebrew language on MobiMatter, we are taking a step towards bridging the gap and fostering connectivity for broader Jewish diaspora on their travel escapades.

Though, if this has got you thinking of traveling to Israel from the bustling tech hubs of Tel Aviv to the historic streets of Haifa, our Israel 10 GB eSIM plan will ensure that staying connected is a seamless and intuitive experience. This move not only caters to the unique needs of Hebrew-speaking individuals but also reinforces our commitment to fostering cultural understanding and inclusivity on a global scale.

How to Access Language Feature on MobiMatter

On the App, 

Step 1 - Open the app

Step 2 - Click on Profile. Under “Settings”, you will find “Language”. Click on it.

Step 3 - Choose the Language of your choice. 

You can find Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian and English here. 

Once you select a language of your choice, the app will refresh and you will see the interface in your selected language.  

Similarly, to change language on our website, 

Step 1 - simply scroll down the home page and reach the language tab.

Step 2 - Click on it and select the language of your choice. You will see the website refresh with the interface in your selected language. 

Note that MobiMatter will be updating the language feature with more languages across the coming weeks and months. 

Watch this video for visual step-by-step instructions. 

Breaking Barriers with Multilingual App & Website

Every traveler deserves to get the best eSIM package. MobiMatter expanded into multiple languages to create that access for those travelers who do not speak English. By introducing interfaces in Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish along with more languages upcoming, MobiMatter caters to a broader audience, ensuring that users from these linguistic backgrounds can easily use the app and website. 

So whether you are a tourist in Turkey, a business traveler in Russia, or an expat in the Middle East, MobiMatter ensures you stay connected in a language that you understand, with just a few clicks.