Discover the Best Global eSIM Cards

Are you travelling to international destinations soon for leisure or business? Either way, discover global eSIM cards from MobiMatter and other offers.

Discover the Best Global eSIM Cards
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eSIMs are the digital versions of physical SIM cards. They enable users to have a local phone number in their destination country, allowing them to make phone calls and send text messages. In addition, eSIMs connect users to a local carrier so they can access the internet. This way, they have reliable and maintained internet connectivity, so they can make personal and business calls and communications whenever needed, wherever they are.

Frequent travellers search for the best eSIM package depending on their needs and wants, including data allowance, validity period, and coverage area. In other words, travellers heading to the UAE should choose one of the many eSIMs dedicated to the UAE. But what if an individual is heading to various destinations? In such case, global eSIM cards are the eSIM package type they need.

Continue reading this article to discover the best global eSIM cards and packages and their features.  

International eSIM Cards from MobiMatter

MobiMatter is an eSIM provider known for its impressive range of international eSIM cards, covering areas worldwide, from anywhere in Asia, Europe, the Americas, Australia, the Middle East, and Africa.

All eSIM packages from MobiMatter enable buyers to connect to foreign carriers abroad to access mobile data services. However, some eSIM packages from MobiMatter offer phone numbers while others don’t. So, ensure you define your exact needs before you purchase an eSIM.

You must consider the following elements:

Data Allowance

Are you going to be working abroad? Or will you make minimal communications and enjoy your travels away from the internet? Specify how much data you need to purchase the eSIM package with the best data allowance for you. Also, remember that you can check your allowance usage and top up your package if the allowance ends.

Validity Period

Get clear on how lengthy your travels are going to be before you purchase a global SIM card. This way, you will limit your options and choose the ideal package. Whether you are travelling for a week, a month, or a year, MobiMatter eSIM packages have you covered.

Coverage Area

MobiMatter eSIM packages offer global eSIM cards that cover the following areas: the USA, Europe, the UK, the Middle East, Japan, UAE, KSA, Asia, the Americas, Oceania, and Africa. For example, if you are travelling to several countries in Asia, you should explore MobiMatter’s multi-country eSIM cards, covering Asian countries. This way, you will use your chosen global eSIM card to connect to mobile data services, no matter the country you are in.

With this advantage, you will not need to carry multiple phones or switch physical SIM cards manually, making your travels easier, more convenient, and stress-free.

Discover the Top 3 Global eSIM Cards

Here are three international eSIM cards from MobiMatter that you may be interested in.

First Card - Works in the US, CA, UK, AU, NZ

Simply put, this international eSIM package works in the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. So, if you are travelling to some or all of these countries, this eSIM package is an excellent choice. Before making the purchase, ensure your device is compatible with eSIM technology since this package is only usable with eSIM-compatible phones and tablets that are not carrier locked.

With this global eSIM card, you will enjoy various benefits, including full data speeds, no daily limits, no throttling, the ability to recharge the eSIM in case the allowance ends, and a Hong Kong number. This offer includes the starting package of 30GB for General data and 5GB for Social data. It is worth noting that social media apps will work using the General data allowance in case the Social allowance ends.

Second Card - Worldwide Destinations

This card is a data allowance card only, not offering a phone number. It works in over 123 countries, such as Jordan, Italy, Kenya, Albania, Austria, Germany, and South Korea - to mention a few. With that in mind, this international eSIM package is a one-time prepaid package, offering no auto-renewals and requiring no contracts. However, this eSIM is rechargeable, and it can be topped up with additional data packages. Upon purchase and activation, it will automatically connect to a major local mobile network in one of the eligible countries with 4G LTE or 5G speeds.

Third Card - Works in the EU, the UK, Switzerland and Turkey!

You can enjoy a reliable internet connection in Switzerland, the UK, and countries of Europe with this international eSIM card. It automatically connects you to a major local mobile network with 5G or 4G LTE speeds in eligible countries. It offers full data speeds with no daily limits and no throttling. Additionally, it supports mobile hotspot for an added layer of convenience and comfort.
Are you interested in buying an international SIM card? Discover the best global eSIM cards from MobiMatter and make your purchase today!