Do eSIMs Work in India?

Are you travelling to India soon? Are you wondering whether eSIMs work in India or not? Click now to discover the answer, how eSIMs work in India, and more.

Do eSIMs Work in India?
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eSIMs are known for being cost-effective, reliable, and secure, making them the preferred option over physical SIM cards. eSIMs, or embedded SIMs, are virtual SIM cards embedded into certain devices, enabling users to have stable internet connectivity when travelling and while in their destination countries abroad.

eSIMs bring forth several advantages, such as convenience, reliability, and flexibility. With that said, the best eSIM providers, such as MobiMatter, offer eSIM packages that cover over 190+ countries worldwide, including destinations in Asia, the Americas, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and the Middle East.

If you are wondering whether or not eSIMs work in India, then you must know that many eSIM packages are dedicated to this country and many others. So, if your future personal or business travel plans include India or any other Asian country, discover how eSIMs work in India and explore the various eSIM packages available from MobiMatter, dedicated to India and other destinations in Asia.

eSIMs for India Travels

eSIMs are embedded into certain devices known as eSIM compatible devices, and they need to be activated by purchasing and downloading an eSIM package from an eSIM provider. As such, before travelling to India, the user must choose the right eSIM package for them, according to various factors, and they are:

Data Allowance

Some users need a more extensive data allowance for work meetings and emails, while others need a smaller allowance as their usage tends to be limited and minimal. Whatever your data allowance needs are, specify them before you make your purchase. When buying an eSIM package from MobiMatter, you will find various packages attending to all needs, with data allowance ranging from 5GBs to 20GBs.

It is worth mentioning that eSIM packages from MobiMatter can be topped up with other packages, and they can be recharged. Also, no contract is required when buying MobiMatter’s eSIMs.

Validity Period

Consider how long you will stay in your destination country before travelling to choose the eSIM package right for you. eSIM packages for India specifically have various validity periods, ranging from one day to 30 days. If you want an eSIM package for extended periods, check out MobiMatter’s eSIM packages for Asian countries. You can also explore MobiMatter’s global eSIM packages covering destinations worldwide and unique for valid periods as long as a year.

Local Phone Number

While some users leverage eSIMs’ mobile data services, others need a local phone number in their destination country for personal use or business. In such a case, check whether the eSIM package offers a local phone number before making your purchase.

Now that you know what factors to consider when buying your eSIM for India, here is a quick overview of how eSIMs work in India.

How Do eSIMs Work in India?

As mentioned above, eSIMs are SIMs that are embedded into specific devices, including smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and laptops. To leverage the benefits of your eSIM, you must buy your eSIM package from MobiMatter before travelling.

First, you need to purchase the package you want from MobiMatter’s website or app, which you can download from the App Store or Google Play. Then, make your purchase, follow the eSIM profile setup instructions, and adjust specific settings on your device.

Once the eSIM profile is set up, it will automatically connect you to a local carrier in India, so you can access mobile data services and use your local phone number. The entire setup process is done wirelessly without inserting a physical SIM card or switching cards manually.

eSIM Packages in Asia

Other than eSIM packages for India, MobiMatter provides eSIM packages for Asian countries, including China, Cambodia, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand. Each package either includes one Asian country or multiple countries, allowing buyers to choose the one best for their needs.

So, if travelling to India is part of broader travel plans to Asian countries, you may want to explore MobiMatter’s eSIM packages for Asia. Remember to specify whether or not you need a local phone number, your data allowance usage, and the length of your travels so you choose your eSIM package wisely.


Even though eSIM technology is relatively new, it has gained traction quickly over the years due to its flexibility, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. Various eSIM providers now offer eSIM packages for users planning to travel anywhere, such as MobiMatter’s offers, as they cover over 190+ destinations. If you are planning to visit India, explore MobiMatter’s India eSIM packages today to make your purchase.