What Is an eSIM? 5 Things to Know About eSIMs

Do you want to use eSIMs? Are you new to this technology? Click now to discover what an eSIM is and five things you must know about them. Read for more.

What Is an eSIM? 5 Things to Know About eSIMs
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The way eSIMs are designed makes them revolutionary in technology and communications. They allow smartphone users travelling abroad to stay connected to the internet and make calls in their destination country, all in exchange for affordable prices and lower costs than data roaming fees.

But what is an eSIM? Continue reading this article to learn about eSIMs; what they are, how they work, and where to get them from.

What Is an eSIM?

eSIMs are the digital versions of traditional and physical SIM cards. Both types serve the same purpose of connecting the user to data services and a local phone number; however, they still vary fundamentally from each other, as the virtual cards offer benefits that the physical cards lack.

Virtual SIMs are embedded into devices, and they are activated by following certain steps, the first being buying the right eSIM package and adjusting certain phone settings. Using an eSIM eliminates the need for inserting physical SIMs when travelling, so travellers do not need to own a device supporting two physical SIM cards and to switch cards manually. Additionally, users can avoid carrying a different smartphone for each physical SIM card when travelling, making their travels convenient and stress-free.

5 Things to Know About eSIMs

If you are a business person who travels for work, or a frequent traveller moving from one country to the next for extended periods for personal reasons, here are the five things you need to know about eSIMs, so you make informed purchasing decisions when exploring various eSIM packages.

Attending to all Needs

The best eSIM providers, such as MobiMatter, provide eSIMs with all travellers’ needs in mind. Whether travelling to Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, or anywhere in between, you can find the ideal eSIM data plan from MobiMatter, as their offered packages cover over 190 countries, ensuring travellers have internet connectivity and a local phone number wherever they land.

Additionally, eSIM packages from MobiMatter vary in the validity period, offering you a wide range of options. MobiMatter packages are an ideal option whether your travels last for a week or a year. These packages also differ in data allowance, ranging from 3 GBs to 120 GBs. Having the right data allowance prevents users from overspending on data roaming charges. Not only that, but they can also check their data usage to use their allowance mindfully. Users can top up their eSIM package from MobiMatter in a few steps if the allowance ends.

Environment Friendly

eSIMs are more environmentally friendly than physical cards, primarily thanks to reduced material consumption when dealing with virtual cards. With that said, when embedding eSIMs into devices, manufacturers need less metal and plastic consumption than they would need when making physical cards and distributing them. Additionally, eSIMs have limited packaging compared to physical cards.

Since eSIMs are reprogrammable, they do not need to be discarded when users change carriers or update their mobile plans. This reduces electronic waste, benefiting the environment and minimising each individual’s carbon footprint.

Enhanced Security and Privacy

Like with all new innovative technologies, privacy and security concerns were brought to the table regarding eSIMs. However, it is worth noting that eSIMs increase users’ security and privacy, which is due to the following reasons:

  • Remote SIM Provisioning: eSIMs enable remote provisioning, including remotely activating and managing mobile subscriptions. As a result, the risk of tampering and unauthorised access to sensitive data during activation is reduced.
  • Secure Storage: eSIMs securely store user profiles and credentials in a dedicated, encrypted area of the device, protecting user data from unauthorised access, hacking attempts, and information theft.
  • Reduced Risk of SIM Card Theft and Fraud: With no physical SIM card to be stolen, cloned, or manipulated, users’ privacy and security reach higher levels.

eSIM Adoption Rate

The eSIM adoption rate has increased steadily in recent years. This rise was motivated primarily by the benefits of eSIMs and the high levels of convenience they offer. Additionally, more smartphone manufacturers, including major players in the market, have integrated eSIM technology into their devices, extending the use of eSIMs. As a result, the number of mobile network carriers offering support for eSIMs also rose. With these factors simultaneously at play, the eSIM adoption rate is on the rise, and it is expected to increase in the coming years, too.

Ease of Activation

For the eSIM to work, it must be activated by a downloadable eSIM package. Upon this download, the user must adjust some phone settings, and then they can enjoy the various benefits of eSIMs from wherever they are. MobiMatter ensures ease of installation and activation, providing all instructions users must follow and automatically adjusting the phone's settings.

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