Delivery, refunds and cancellation policy

>This is MobiMatter LTD’s policy for Online Payments, Refunds and Cancellations (“Policy”). This policy applies to activities MobiMatter LTD (“Company”) engages in on its website and Mobile App (“Website”).

The Website may offer its users to pay for services provided by its partners using their credit / debit cards, digital wallets, and other payment methods. MobiMatter will only process the payment once it receives confirmation from the relevant partner system that the user’s order has been placed successfully.

PAYMENT CONFIRMATION. The Website user will receive payment confirmation by email on the email address given at the time of order, through a notification sent in an app, or both. The confirmation will be sent by the Company after the payment has been processed as soon as practically possible.

DELIVERY AND SHIPMENT. Most of products sold on the Website (such as eSIM profiles, recharge top-ups, data and voice package add-ons, etc.) will be delivered instantly, with relevant information displayed on the screen and communicated to the user via e-mail. The partner service provider may separately intimate the Website user via its own systems (such as SMS message) regarding the successful purchase of its product.

In cases where physical shipment and delivery of the services is required (such as purchase of physical SIMs), the delivery will be performed either by MobiMatter or directly by the service provider. Wherever possible, the Website user will be kept informed of the shipment status via email and by phone. A Website user should contact if he has not received the shipment within the specified timeframe.

REFUNDS. Should the Company charge the user for a service that does not get delivered due to a technical or logistical problem arising from either the Company or its partner service providers’ systems, and the Company the company cannot rectify the issue within 12 hours of being intimated by the user, the Website user shall be entitled for full refund.

The Company will, to the best of its abilities, track and identify such issues through its own systems and process the refunds automatically. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the Website user to ensure to bring such cases to the attention of the Company by emailing if the service does not get delivered or cannot be used as advertised.

Where the Website user has successfully purchased, activated and used a service offered by one of Company’s service provider partners but is dissatisfied with the quality and performance of the service, the user shall contact the service provider directly, unless specifically stated in the description of the service.

Refunds will be made onto the original mode of payment and will be processed within 10 to 45 days depending on the issuing bank of the credit card.

The maximum liability of the Company will be the amount paid for the products. The company will not be liable for any damages, third party costs, or opportunity costs that may be incurred as a result of service not being delivered or failing to work as advertised.

CANCELLATIONS AND RETURNS. In case where the service has been successfully delivered to the Website user but not used, either due to the user no longer needing the service or the user being unable to use the service due to his own actions or omissions, the policies of the operator or service partner whose product was sold will prevail.

The Website user should be aware that in cases of digital products (eSIM QR Code, recharge top-up, data or voice package add-ons, bill payments, etc.) are not eligible for cancellations or returns. The Company will attempt to mediate between the end user and the service provider but does not in any way guarantee that any compensation will be paid to the user or that the user will be refunded for the service cost. The Company may at its own discretion decide to partially or fully refund a user of the Website.